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Music Listingís


Digital & Karaoke Juke Box Music List (Excel Format.)



CD Music Listingís


Our CDís have been catalogued into several categories to make your selections easier.


Please click on each of the 4 category titleís below to download the music list in Word format or Click CD Jukebox Music List for the complete list in Excel format. Excel has a better search function to help you select the music


Air Play & Visual Sounds Discs (AP???, VS???)

Air Play discs are complied form the Top 40 and released each month

Air Play discs were discontinued in Dec 2006.

All Top 40 releases from Jan 2007 are on Visual Sound Discs


Predator Discs (PR???)

Predator discs are also compiled from the Top 40 and were also released monthly up to 2006.


Classic Hits Discs (CH???)

Classic Hits Discs are as per their name compiled from Classic Hits

from the 60ís to the 90ís. If you are not sure what to pick theses discs form a great starting place and then you can customize the Jukebox with your other selections


Various Other Discs (CW???)

A collection of discs that contain both single artist and compiled albums from various suppliers.†


CD Jukebox Music List (Excel Format)


CD Selection Sheet


If you are unable to download the CD music lists please contact

us by phone or email and we will send you a paper copy.